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Come wonder in nature !

How do you want to UNPLUG in the outside world?


Forest Bathing walks 


Grounding Massage 

OR perhaps a combination of our wôkNnature (walkINnature) experiences

you may choose! 

These experiences are available

when you are. Allow yourself to 

let your natural sense of wonder take you

to a calmer, happier, you!


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Offering at our home office

4063 Birch Suite150
Newport Beach 92660

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   Relax    Receive    Restore  


Thanks for visiting ~ I am Desiree, a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Certified Naturalist, Certified EcoNIDRA teacher, Certified "tree hugger"

simply, a Nature appreciator.

Come share in the awe, being outside,

immersed in nature, the outside world

and the TREES!

wôkNnature offer's unique experiences to connect with nature and self, take a look around.

If you should have any questions or comments, see contact information below.

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services & Events 

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"I love watching your video's! It's so calming and gets my day started right! I go back to previous videos it helps me relax" ~ Lauire P.

"Research shows that nature is such a powerful restorative agent that minimal contact—as little as five minutes—can generate positive effects. In fact, studies show that even just looking at photographs of nature can have benefits, so deep is our instinctive bond."


"The desire, then, becomes one of convincing people to reconnect with nature, even for just a few fleeting moments each week."

"If we can encourage even the very smallest interactions, we can trust that nature will do the rest."

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Mammoth Lakes, CA

Welcome to Mammoth Lakes, California, where “no way” is never far away. Majestic in scale and awesome in its natural beauty, the year-round adventureland of Mammoth Lakes is one of those rare places that you have to see to still not totally believe. The name speaks to the size of the mountains, the expanse of the valleys, the incredible number of crystal clear mountain lakes and the endless opportunities for adventure just outside your door. But what makes this place really unique are the surreal storybook scenes that drop jaws, spark the imagination and make every moment feel like a brush with the truly incredible. Start your unreal journey by exploring the new all-encompassing, adventure-inspiring, interactive map — so you can spread out, explore places you’ve never heard of before and have a slice of this "adventureland" all to yourself, even if it’s just for a while.  MORE INFO AND MAPS

"Keep Mammoth Unreal, the real unreal"

Contact Us

Look forward to wôkN with you!

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Educator Certified 

Permited Special Use Guide 

DRomero Wilderness 1st Aid Cert 5.25.20-
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Certified EcoNIDRA™ teacher 

Contact Info




Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Orange County, CA 

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