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The Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes, CA has been my backyard for 6 years! Such a place of beauty and endless exploration. A recreational hot spot for all types of outside adventures. wôkNnature (walk in nature), offers a slower alternative, recreational activity for adults and children.  Come wander in nature, the more than human world. I will be your guide, on a healthful, gentle walk, usually less than ¾ of a mile, in an exclusive location here in Mammoth Lakes, as a core strategy, practice, for wellness. 

I'm a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Certified CA Naturalist, Radio Personality (Dezi Dez), “tree hugger” and mother. I grew up believing the trees talked to me and that I felt safe surrounded by nature. I am led to share my same passion for being outside, immersed in nature, TREES, with my 8yr old son and YOU.  

Take in your surroundings through your senses, with sensory opening “invitations.” No need to think or analyze, just relax and let your natural sense of enjoyment guide you. Immerse yourself, “allowing nature to nurture” deepening your connection to nature and self.


This guided Forest Bathing walk, “wôkNnature” will boost your mental and physical being by reducing your stress levels, lowering your pulse and blood pressure, lifting you into a more positive you. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you! 

Inviting participants to Relax, Receive and Restore one’s self, through slow guided walks, allowing “Nature to Nurture”, in the natural surroundings of the Eastern Sierra, CA.

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