Forest Bathing/ Nature Bathing 


It's a walking experience!

Have you ever felt refreshed after taking a walk through a forest, park or garden?

Or noticed you’re in a better mood after sitting by the lake?

These experiences in nature may feel like they are only in our heads, but research suggests that nature, can physiologically help our brains and bodies to stay healthy and provide a source of deep relaxation! 


"Forest Bathing" is  guided mindful walk to deepen our roots with nature and to ourselves. Connect with nature, reduce stress and enhance your health and wellbeing. Immerse in nature with your senses and experience a renewed sense of nature and self connectedness. 

The Japanese inspired practice (1984) of Shinrin-yoku fosters a deeper more intentional connection to our roots with nature and to ourselves. Shinrin-yoku, literally translated as, “immersing or being showered in the forest”, is nature’s invitation to disconnect from the urban-bound and technology-driven world to bathe in the healing atmosphere of the forest. 

Be guided on healthful, gentle walk in the forest as a core strategy for wellness. Take in your surroundings through your senses. No need to think or analyze, just relax and let your natural sense of enjoyment guide you. This guided Forest Therapy walk will boost your mental and physical being by reducing your stress levels, lowering your pulse and blood pressure and lifting you into a more positive perspective. 

Your  MIND, BODY and SPIRIT will thank you for it. 

wôkNnature - Allowing Nature to Nurture