Massage in Nature 

Imagine the birds chirping and rivers running, how does that make you feel?

You already knew that getting outside to breathe a bit of fresh air and take in the sunshine is good for your soul, but as researchers have also found, that listening to Mother Nature, can actually help heal your body too. Come experience the sights and sounds of Mother Nature during this grounding massage session.

We all encounter a level of stress on a daily basis. That stress becomes locked as tension into various parts of the body, and is a deterrence to the health and relaxation of the mind and body. Massage therapy gives your body a moment to rest, and to reap not only physical, but psychological benefits. Take this self care practice to a different level, also healthful place, outside!

Enjoying massage therapy will release tension in your mind, creating a better sense of awareness yet simultaneously allowing clearer thinking, better sleep, and reduced anxiety.

Give your body and mind a moment to stop in this fast-paced world we live in, with this unique session of massage therapy. You will notice the benefits of the massage immediately.  The rejuvenating feeling of massage therapy helps cope with your daily worries. 

NOW take that feeling OUTSIDE (literally, weather permitting) OR inside your home, office space, with the tranquil sounds the outside world has to share with you.