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Where Shavasana meets Nature Connection

Imagine yourself laying down on your back and being guided on a series of journeys through your senses, body and the Earth.

With a technique called Rotation of Consciousness and a series of nature-based visualizations and soundscapes, your mind, emotions and body are relaxing in such a deep way that you may feel more refreshed than after a couple of hours of sleep.

This is the power of EcoNIDRA™, a blend of nature connection practices and yoga nidra with ancient roots and scientifically proven healing and transformational effects. Are you ready for an ultimately relaxing, gentle and powerful journey? 

EcoNIDRA™ Benefits:

The practice can help you:

  • Reach a deep state of mental, emotional and physical relaxation,

  • Reduce your stress levels (decreasing cortisol levels, parasympathetic nervous system dominance),

  • Improve your immune system functioning,

  • Improve your sleep,

  • Improve your digestion and regulate appetite,

  • Rest your eyes and find relief for (digital) overwhelm,

  • Cultivate more awareness & presence in your daily life

  • Experience the state of bliss and/or greater emotional stability,

  • Enhance your sense of wellbeing,

  • Experience embodied relation with your closest nature and the whole.

... and many more benefits that will be a part of your unique journey through the gentle and profound sessions!

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Are you ready to deeply relax the entire ecosystem of your body, mind and emotions, and to plant a seed of transformation? To re-connect with yourself, with nature and with others in a profoundly deep yet accessible way?

EcoNIDRA™ is a branch of the yoga nidra tree where nidra meets nature connection. this blend of extremely deep relaxation, techniques deepening of our connection with nature, and seeds of transformation being actively planted in the potent ground of our subconscious - in the sweet spot between wakefulness and sleep.